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    A collection of the finest from land and sea all in one beautiful box.  This box has something for everyone, from the most discerning gourmet chef to the eater with the simplest tastes.  Every item is completely natural without additives.  The uniting factor is the exceptional quality, which comes from careful sourcing partnerships with ethical and sustainable suppliers who really care about good food. 

    Item Information

    Two AAA Pasture-Raised NY Striploin Steaks (16oz)

    These 12 oz steaks are cut from AAA pasture-raised beef from local ethically-operated Canadian certified farms.  The juicy texture after cooking comes from the exquisite marbling.  All our meats are ethically produced under the strictest supervision without hormones, additives, artificial ingredients.

    Four Maryland Style Crabcakes (8.5oz)

    Our authentic all crabmeat crabcakes are made with only crabmeat and natural ingredients using a handed-down Maryland recipe.  These are specially hand-made, cooked and flash-frozen so that all you have to do is heat and serve for an absolutely delicious treat.

    Two Caribbean Lobster Tails (5oz)

    Generally referred to as the king of lobster tails, these are all-natural and high in healthy protein.  Wild and caught from Caribbean waters, the fishery is certified sustainable and highly-regulated.  As all of our seafood products – the lobster is processed and flash-frozen within hours of catch for the ultimate freshness.

    Organic Scottish Salmon (1 lb fillet)

    This award-winning Salmon comes from the pristine cold waters of the North Atlantic.  The Scots pride themselves on ethical farming and harvest methods and environmentally friendly practices.  The cold clear waters yield a much-coveted high omega3 fat content in the flesh of the fish.  We present it to you filleted, boneless with the shimmery skin intact – which is beautiful and deliciously edible.  You will taste the difference in all natural Salmon which is sustainably farmed and flash-frozen within hours of harvest.  This is a special treat for fish lovers. 

    Four Bacon-wrapped AAA Beef Filet Mignon (6oz)

    This is a wonderful marriage of Natural Seaweed-brined bacon surrounding the finest cut of AAA ethically pasture-raised tenderloin beef.  It doesn’t get much more special than this for beef lovers.

    Six Premium Berkshire Pork Sausages

    Our premium Berkshire pork sausages are 100% pork which is all-naturally smoked without nitrates.  They are slow-smoked and fully cooked for a deliciously rich perfectly spiced flavour experience.

    Atlantic Sea Scallops (1 lb Pack)

    These large sea scallops are from a responsibly harvested, sustainably managed fishery, and flash-frozen for the freshest and most delicious taste experience of the sea.


    We will include a box of Ferrero Rocher deluxe chocolates. A little extra something to add the perfect touch to this amazing and unforgettable meal.