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The hallmark of all Harvest Best products is the remarkable quality and taste which comes from thoughtful sourcing.  We have curated a special collection of some of the most exceptional products in the HBF collection.  Every item in this  box is the best available, always without additives, are ethically and sustainably sourced with the utmost care. 


Two Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak (16oz)

This is the most top-of-the-line beef one can experience!  A juicy well-marbled certified Wagyu Beef Rib-eye steak cut to the natural thickness of the long bone.  With or without the bone, this is a big wow factor for the most discerning. 

Two Wagyu New York Striploin Steaks (16oz)

The ultimate in a strip steak, firm textured with rich marbling.  All our Wagyu beef is sourced locally from Canadian certified farms, all natural and perfectly prepared on the BBQ or skillet.  This is high level enjoyment for the most discerning. 

Colossal Freshwater Shrimp (2 lbs)

These juicy, delicious shrimp are the size of small lobster tails, 4-6 to a pound.  Our Shrimp are seasonal and sustainably farmed in Asia by small certified family cooperatives, processed and flash-frozen within hours of harvest, to bring to your table the freshest seafood possible. 

Four Chilean Sea Bass Fillets (6oz)

From the cold clean waters of Patagonia comes this wild fish which is very high in omega 3 nutrients.  The Chilean fishery is closely regulated for sustainability by governmental fishery authorities.  Taste the quality of all-natural fish which is flash-frozen within hours of catch. 

Four Fully-cooked Moroccan Octopus Tentacles (8oz)

Wild and sustainably caught from the Northeast Atlantic ocean, this special delicacy is fully prepared by cooking and flash-freezing within hours of catch.  All you have to do is heat and eat.  We recommend lightly grilling and slicing into discs for the best presentation.

 Four Caribbean Lobster Tails (5oz)

Generally referred to as the king of lobster tails, these are all-natural and high in healthy protein.  Wild and ethically harvested from Caribbean waters, the fishery is certified sustainable and highly-regulated.  As all of our seafood products are processed and flash-frozen within hours of catch for the ultimate freshness.


We will include a box of Ferrero Rocher deluxe chocolates. A little extra something to add the perfect touch to this amazing and unforgettable meal.